Miniature Appaloosa Horses for sale Illinois

Miniature horses for sale in Illinios
Miniature Horses for sale in Illinois, specializing in Appaloosa Minis.
 Horses will be considered sold with a deposit of 25% nonrefundable and with payment in full received prior to the horse leaving the premises.
Horses sold over $600, Seller will pay for coggins test. Any horse sold under $600, Buyer is responsible for payment of coggins test.  We reserve the right to refuse any sale. 
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:: Interest free payments to approved homes ::
discounts may be given if more than one horse is purchased.

AMHR and Falabella Blend
DOB:  4-16-16      35"
Tested NEGATIVE for all four dwarf genes
Sire:  Peaceful Ridge Trinidads Calypso
Dam:  Hairicane A Model Sacajawea

Jackpot is a fewspot Appaloosa stallion.  He has good conformation, beautiful color and one of the sweetest dispositions I have seen in a stallion.  He had his first foal this year at the farm I got him from.  A tiny colt with appy coloring.  We have bred Jackpot to several mares for 2018 foals.  He would be a great addition for anyone wanting to breed colorful appaloosas.  We are offering Jackpot at $1500.

Moss Grove Strutting My Spots 
AMHA and AMHR     33.75"     DOB:  5-21-07
Sire:  Moss Grove Apache Aleganey Brave
Dam:  Moss Grove Jenny

This has been a very hard decision for me, but I have decided to offer our beautiful boy, Spots, for sale, to the right home.  Spots is a beautiful leopard Appaloosa.  He has beautiful color, great conformation, pretty head and the best disposition.  He is small and refined.  He passes all this onto his foals.  He has had a lot of foals with color.  I have posted pictures of his foals on a post on my Facebook.  We have always hand bred him as we are limited on space.  He is easy to handle.  We are planning on this being our last year to breed and Spots could give someone else many more nice foals.  We have had Spots since he was a weanling and are very attached to him, so a good home is a must. 
We are offering Spots at $3200.

AMHA, AMHR and Falabella Registry
DOB:  6-6-12    31"
Tested NEGATIVE for all four dwarf genes
Sire:  Toyland Tempo
Dam:  Toyland Shanona

Noah is a small, correct, beautiful snowcap Appaloosa stallion.  Noah is pure Falabella and a grandson of Falabella Guille.  He had his first foals this year and has had a snowcap like him and two Pintaloosas with spots, so far.  Noah pasture breeds.  We are offering Noah at $2500.
Chestnut Appaloosa  DOB:  5-3-06
SIRE:  Mini Brook Farms silver Chief
DAM:  Moss Grove Morning Star

Starburst is a beautiful chestnut near leopard Appaloosa mare.  We have had her since she was a weanling.  We purchased her from a reputable farm in Pennsylvania.  She is sweet, easy to catch and handle.  She has had two foals for us.  One leopard filly with two blue eyes and one black filly with one spot on her rear, that will probably color out more. 
Her foals are so sweet and friendly.  We are offering Starburst for $1500.
Below are pictures of her foals. When bred to our leopard stallion, Spots.
Starburst has been bred for a 2018 foal
DOB:  5-1-04   AMHA, AMHR and FBR
Sire:  B H Running Buck
Dam:  Tiny Tonkas Shawnee

Knickers is a beautiful small snowcap Appaloosa mare.  She has beautiful color, good conformation and a great disposition.  She has had beautiful foals in the past with lots of color.  One daughter went on to win National Champion Multi-Colored Mare.  Knickers has been exposed to a 30" pure Falabella snowcap stallion for a 2018 foal.  We are offering Knickers for $2200.
AMHA and AMHR pending
DOB:  4-12-17
SIRE:  Moss Grove Strutting My Spots - Black Leopard Appaloosa
DAM:  ABRanch Zetta's Glory Days - Black Leopard Appaloosa

Zeus is a beautiful few spot Appaloosa colt.  He is correct, has beautiful color and very friendly.  Zeus is out of two leopard appaloosas.  I have not color tested him but he should be a color producer.  We are offering Zeus at $1000.  A down payment can hold him until weaned.
36" Silver Pintaloosa  -  DOB:  4-12-05
Sire:  LHR Tatoo'd Twizzler
Dam:  Valley View Rockin' Raquel

Valley View Simply Irresistible, aka, Princess is a beautiful pintaloosa mare.  She has beautiful color and has large spots.  She is a sweet mare with good conformation.  Princess can be sold open or bred.
We are offering Princess at $900.
AMHA, AMHR and FBR DOB: 4-22-16
SIRE: Toyland Diego - Appaloosa leopard
DAM: Tiny Tonkas Sexy Knickers - Appaloosa snowcap

Spotted Dreams Prince Charming is a small fewspot Appaloosa colt. He measured 29" at 9 1/2 months old so he should mature at around 32". He has good conformation and good bite. He is a sweet little horse. Lab tested as LP/LP and PATN1/PATN1. Should be a color producer.
We are offering Charming at $1000.
AMHR - DOB: 4-23-16
Sire: Moss Grove Strutting My Spots - leopard appy
Dam: Valley View Simply Irresistible- pintaloosa

Casper is a silver pintaloosa, like his mom, just doesn't have the spots. He is very nice, good conformation and two bright blue beautiful eyes. He should mature at approximately 35". He is show quality. We are offering Casper for $600.

:: Interest free payments to approved homes ::
discounts may be given if more than one horse is purchased.  
Mossgrove Hallmark Secret has gone to live with Sam in Illinois.
Spotted Dreams Tootsie Roll has gone to join Chloe, Apache and Xtreme at Sally's in Illinois.

Spotted Dreams Lakota Sky has gone to live with Kris in Indiana.

Panda and Ebony have gone to live with Megan and her twin girls in Illinois.

Spotted Dreams Black Hawk has gone to live with Chrystal and Charlie Pearl in Illinois. 

Spotted Dreams Mad Max has gone to live with Tim and his family in Illinois. 

Spotted Dreams Blue Eagle has gone to live with Glenda in Illinois.

Valley View Twizzlers Xtreme has gone to join Chloe and Apache at Sally's in Illinois.
Spotted Dreams Mystic Warrior, and Spotted Dreams Leopold's Legacy have gone to live with Jenn in Illinois.  They have started their therapy training with Jenn.  I am so excited for them.
Spotted Dreams Apache Storm
Apache and Chloe have gone to live with Sally in Illinois.
Scooter, Rosie and PJ have all gone to live with Annie in Illinois.
Daisy has gone to live with Diane in Illinois  Charlie and Bandit have gone to live with Cheryle and Eli in Illinois.
Bonnie and her baby Lil Bit have gone to join Bella and Bo at Ann's in Illinois.   Confetti has gone to live with Sherri in Illinois  Hot Waters Golden Opportunity
has gone to live with Debbie in New York. 
Spotted Dreams Beau of Mine - DOB: 6-21-12
has gone to live with Debbie in New York. 
going to live with Valerie at Loon's Call Farm in Ontario, Canada. 
Valley View Creme Latte has gone to live
with Melanie in Illinois.  
Ole Country Roads Penelope - Penelope is going to live with Riley in Illinois. Happy Birthday Riley! Ole Country Roads Blue Moon - Blue has gone to join his half sister,
Penelope, at Riley's.
Spotted Dreams Sugars Spice Girl has gone to live
 with Michelle at 4 K'S Miniature Horse Farm in North Dakota.  

Spotted Dreams Mocha Cloud - Spotted Dreams Red Lady
Cloud and Lady have gone to join Firecracker at Deby's at RocHaven Farms in OK.
Spotted Dreams Whispering Spirit
Spirit has gone to Missouri to live with Laura and her family
Spotted Dreams Sweet Surprise
Suri has gone to live with Sandy and her family
in northern Illinois.
Spotted Dreams Sweet Angel
Angel has gone to live with Bob and Debbie in Missouri.
Twister Girl went to live with Amy and Aaron in Rolla, MO.
Spotted Dreams Sophie’s Choice
Sophie has went to live with Mary in Tennessee.
Spotted Dreams Cinnamon Stick
"Freckles" has gone to live with Mary and family in Trenton, Ill.
Spotted Dreams Caramel Macchiato  -  Spotted Dreams She’s So Raven  -  Spotted Dreams Our Royal William
 Caramel, Raven and William have gone to live with Elden and Kim in Missouri.
Spotted Dreams A Touch of Silver DOB: 4-9-11 AMHR
Silver has gone to live with Mary in Illinois.
Spotted Dreams Prancin in the Rain DOB: 4-3-11 AMHR
Prancer has gone to live with Wendy and Mya in Illinois. Merry Christmas Mya!
Darkmoon’s Spotted Firecracker AMHR 4-7-01
Firecracker has gone to live with Deby and the other girls at
 Rochaven Farms in Oklahoma.
Spotted Dreams Judging Miss Molly - DOB: 3-20-11 AMHA/AMHR
Molly has gone to live with Michelle and Kaydence in Ill.
Watch for her in the show ring.
Spotted Dreams Gypsy Girl's Dream DOB: 5-14-12  
Gypsy has gone to live with her half sister, Molly,
at Michelle's in Illinois.
Watch for her in the show ring with Molly.  
Spotted Dreams Queen Anne's Lace 4-20-12
Queenie has gone to live with her sister Molly and half sister,
Gypsy, at Michelle's in Illinois.  
Trinket and her foal Spotted Dreams Bella Rosa and Birdie and her foal Spotted Dreams Bo Jangles
have gone to live with Ann and Jerry in northern Illinois.